X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System


X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System

Easy installation, ultrafast clearing, reliable results

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Product Description

Easy installation, Ultrafast clearing, Reliable results

The new X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System from the imaging specialists at Logos Biosystems provides an all-in-one solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing. The groundbreaking CLARITY™ method developed by the Deisseroth Lab at Stanford University (Chung et al, Nature 497:332-337) provides unparalleled tissue samples for imaging. Combining an innovative electrode design and an integrated cooling system, the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System allows for faster and more consistent tissue clearing. Many researchers currently attempting the CLARITY™ method often encounter difficulties that range from instrument construction to poor clarifying, resulting in the loss of valuable samples. Days or even weeks spent processing a precious sample can end in frustration and disappointment. The X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System greatly simplifies the CLARITY™ process, can clarify a whole adult mouse brain in under 48 hours, and dramatically increases your chances of obtaining transparent tissue samples for use in downstream labeling.



Accelerate your research with the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System

Compared to other methods, the X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System dramatically reduces tissue clearing time. A whole adult mouse brain can be cleared in under 48 hours. Depending on the thickness, mouse brain slices may be cleared much faster. Additionally, the speed of the X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System makes optimizing for other organs and tissues a much easier endeavor. One of the most exciting features of the CLARITY™ technology is that, it allows for the penetration of and labeling with macromolecules such as antibodies or oligonucleotides, generating unprecedented 3D images that show the relationship between structure and function. Chemical tissue clearing technologies introduced in recent years generally do not accommodate labeling with macromolecules. CLARITY™ overcomes this limitation and even enables multiple rounds of antibody labeling. The X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System also successfully produces samples that demonstrate the efficient penetration of antibodies.


What is CLARITY™ ?

CLARITY™ is a novel technology that produces a transparent tissues by forming a hydrogel network that supports the ultrastructure while allowing for the removal of lipids. Unlike other tissue clearing methods, the CLARITY™ uniquely enables the efficient labeling of tissues with macromolecules such as antibodies and nucleic acids, making high resolution imaging possible. CLARITY™ is expected to overcome the current limitation of light microscopy technology, which does not allow the imaging of tissues without first creating slices. CLARITY™ is the trademark of Stanford University.



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