Pippin High Throughput gel purification

Pippin HT
Pippin HT
Pippin HT

Pippin High Throughput gel purification

Pippin HT

Pippin HT incorporates the company’s highly regarded sizing technology and increases throughput to 24 samples per run, compared to a maximum of five with Pippin Prep or BluePippin.  The instrument offers an efficient, automated solution for scientists running busy sequencing labs, core facilities, and other laboratories producing large-scale sequencing data

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Product Description

Features/Benefits of Pippin HT

  • 24 sample capacity – high throughput capability
  • High sample quality – improves downstream analysis
  • Fragment sizes and ranges are reproducibily collected – consistent results run-to-run
  • Flexible programming – facilitates collection of multiple size ranges
  • Precast, disposable agarose cassettes – save valuable time/result consistency between gels
  •  SBS-footprint gel cassette – use standard multi-channel pipette
  • Sample collection occurs directly in buffer – maximise sample recovery/applied directly to next step of the workflow

Pippin HT Key Downstream Technologies

  • Whole genome sequencing
  • miRNA library isolation


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