NanoDrop One

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Nanodrop One
Nanodrop One
Nanodrop One

NanoDrop One

  • Fast and easy sample evaluation of nucleic acids and proteins with “pipette, measure, clean” workflow and no sample carryover
  • Small footprint with local control and a high-resolution, touchscreen interface, saves bench space
  • Preprogrammed Applications designed specifically for life scientists
  • Minimal sample consumption with microvolume measurements using only 1-2 µL of sample
  • No cuvettes or slides needed with patented pedestal design and sample-retention system
  • Improved measurement capabilities with extended dynamic range and auto-range pathlength capability
  • Enhanced software features for performing kinetics experiments and custom methods

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Product Description

Nanodrop One

Trusted by scientists worldwide, the Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ range of low volume spectrophotometers have revolutionised the way nucleic acid and protein samples are analysed. Using patented sample-retention technology, they have enabled direct measurement of as little as 1μl of sample without the need for dilution. Intuitive software with pre-programmed methods have made the NanoDrop instruments  invaluable tools in the lab.  The next generation of NanoDrop One instruments take this even further and introduces Acclaro™ Sample Intelligence technology, allowing you to understand the quality of your samples before you use them for downstream processes.

Acclaro™ – Bringing you One step closer to success

  • Sophisticated spectral analysis algorithms identify contaminants and report a corrected concentration
  • An embedded sensor with digital image analysis monitors your samples, alerting to bubbles and other anomalies, thereby ensuring measurement integrity
  • Instant feedback about sample quality with on-demand technical support for guided troubleshooting

Nanodrop One Streamline Your Workflow

  • Compact stand-alone instrument with integrated high-resolution colour touchscreen interface. Save time and valuable bench space
  • Powerful auto-pathlength technology ensures accurate measurements for highly concentrated samples without dilution or prior knowledge of sample concentration
  • Patented sample retention technology allows direct low volume measurement without the need for expensive slides or special consumables
  • Ergonomic design with tilting and sliding screen to accommodate both left and right handed users. Auto measure feature for fast and convenient data acquisition
  • Versatile data management with the ability to print results via an optional thermal printer or transfer data via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or an external computer. Provides flexibility for extended analysis and electronic archiving
  • Integrated cuvette reader in the OneC model provides flexibility for optical density and kinetic measurements (with stirring and temperature control) as well as increasing the dynamic range for dilute samples. For convenience the cuvette position can be used with the arm either up or down


Qualify Not Just Quantify Your Nucleic Acid Samples

Accurate concentration and purity evaluation of nucleic acid samples is critical to the success of downstream applications. Low template loads and the presence of residual contaminants can require lengthy troubleshooting and result in costly delays. Acclaro™ Sample Intelligence technology allows you to make properly informed decisions on your sample use and delivers unprecedented information on sample purity.

Acclaro™ is fully integrated into the NanoDrop™ One software and gives the following information:

Acclaro™ Contaminant Alert

  • Acclaro™ uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to analyse your sample data and notify when contaminants such as phenol and protein are present in your sample
  • Acclaro™ then provides a corrected analyte concentration

Acclaro™ Information Alert

Convenient and comprehensive troubleshooting / technical support tools at your fingertips.

  • Learn about possible causes of contaminants and recommended solutions
  • See how contaminants can alter your sample spectrum


Evaluate Protein Samples Effectively

  • The NanoDrop™ One, as with other NanoDrop™ models provides accurate and reproducible quantification for protein samples. The NanoDrop™ One further simplifies the process by guiding you with a selection of protein applications, an intuitive Protein Editor and Acclaro™ contaminant information.
  • For direct A280 quantification of purified proteins, simply choose a suitable extinction coefficient from the pre-defined sample types or intuitively set up new sample types using the Protein Editor. Acclaro™ detects DNA and Phenol contamination ensuring better accuracy for your measurements
  • Quantify peptides or proteins that lack Tryptophan or Tyrosine residues by monitoring the peptide bond absorbance at 205nm
  • Verify protein labelling efficiency using the Proteins and Labels application
  • Select your favourite from a menu of pre-programmed colorimetric protein assays including Bradford, BCA, Lowry and Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ 660nm protein assay


Evolve To Meet Your Needs

The NanoDrop™ One instruments allow you to create and save custom analysis methods, run a kinetic assay or even generate a bacterial growth curve.

Custom Method

  • Use pre-configured custom methods to analyse chlorophyll, nanoparticles, haemoglobin and more
  • Create and save new custom methods to analyse novel sample types
  • Use the UV-Vis application to monitor multiple wavelengths between 190-850nm


  • Use the pedestal or cuvette (OneC only) to monitor growth of microbial cultures. Enter the cell number conversion factor to automatically convert the 600nm value into the number of cells/ml


  • Intuitively create, edit and save custom kinetic methods using the cuvette option of the NanoDrop™ OneC spectrophotometer


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NanoDrop One
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