High accuracy pharmacy refrigerator


High accuracy pharmacy refrigerator

  • USB Interface
    Data of temperature history can be downloaded via the built-in USB port and optional printer design

  • Adjustable Shelves
    The shelves are adjustable to any height and satify different requirements.

  • Air Cooling, Auto-defrost
    Better cabinet temperature uniformity, Auto defrost

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Product Description

High-accuracy Temperature Control
Accurate Temperature, Safe Storage
High accurate controller and high sensitivity sensor, keep the temperature within 2~8℃.
Condensation Free Design
Door without condensation under ambinet temp. 32℃ and 80% humidity
Electrical heating glass door,condensation free under humidity 75%.
Lockable Design
Door With Lock, Safety Control
Door with lock or accommodate a padlock, safeguard the storage.
Intelligent Alarm
Human Technology, Safe Service
Three alarm types keep storage safe.