Foetal Bovine Serum

Foetal Bovine Serum

Treatments available:

  • Heat Inactivation
  • Tetracycline Tested
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Tested
  • Charcoal Stripped
  • Lipid Depleted

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Product Description

Foetal Bovine Serum is derived from clotted whole blood, collected from the foetus via cardiac puncture. The blood is immediately centrifuged and the serum frozen for transfer to our processing facilities. On receipt at the processing plant, the serum is thawed, tested for acceptability, pooled and passed through three 100nm (0.1um) sterilising filters. The serum is bottled through an asceptic filling process.

Full Traceability – For all batches we have full recorded traceability. The labelling system is computerised and designed for batch-to-batch clarity and the movement of each batch is monitored throughout the treatment and production to final packaging.

Testing – All sera is vigorously tested for sterility, mycoplasma, viruses (BVD, IBR & PI3). Each batch is also tested for its ability to support in vitro cell growth, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency on any of the following cell lines – HeLa, L929, SP2/O-AG8, MRC-5, CHO and BHK. The results of these tests are recorded on the Certificates of Analysis.

Certified and special certified sera are subject to a battery of further tests including endotoxin, chemical components, protein electrophoresis and radial immunodiffusion.

BSE – In accordance with EU Regulation 999/2001 female of European origin donors over the age of 20 months are tested for BSE prior to processing. Only donors that test negative are processed.