Low energy -80c freezer


Low energy -80c freezer

Most Energy Efficient

World leading power consumption, only 10.5Kwh/day

Low Noise

Innovative refrigeration cabin design reduces operational noise

Reliable Performance

Cabinet temperature can reach -86℃ with temp uniformity within 5℃

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Product Description

  • Market Leading Energy Efficiency
    High efficiency cooling fans and compressors combined with hydrocarbon refrigerants ensure energy savings and long term sample security
    Multi Layered Sealing Structure
    Triple of layer of gaskets split between main and inner doors decreases heat loss and guarantee’s excellent warm up times in the event of a power failure
    Pressure Equalisation Port
    Heated port with spring assisted mechanism to prevent icing on the vent allows users to reopen the main door soon after entering
    Improved Handle Design
    Lockable handle with unique key prevents other Haier freezer owners access to your precious samples, also comes with space for a padlock for that extra security
    USB Interface
    Enables users to download historical temperature data for compliance/auditing purposes
    Multi Level Alarms
    Alarming functions that include hi and low temperature, sensor error, power failure, high ambient, clean filter and door ajar


ULT running costs
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