Blue Pippin automated gel purification

Blue Pippin
Blue Pippin
Blue Pippin

Blue Pippin automated gel purification

Benefits of the Blue Pippin System

  • Automated gel purification – save time and effort
  • Sample-to-Sample reproducibility – streamlines workflow
  • Higher library quality – improves downstream analysis
  • Pulse-field electrophoresis capability – resolve and collect high molecular weight DNA
  • Sample collection occurs directly in buffer – maximise sample recovery/applied directly to next step of the workflow

Downstream Technologies

miRNA isolation
DNA sequencing, RNA-seq, genotyping
DNA sequencing, ChIP-seq


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Product Description

Blue Pippin 

Automated size selection for fragments from 50bp to 50kbp.

The BluePippin is a preparative electrophoresis platform that separates and extracts DNA fragments. Using pre-cast gel cassettes, DNA is automatically collected in buffer according to software-input size ranges.

The BluePippin features pulsed-field electrophoresis capabilities which enable accurate collection of kb-sized fragments. Cassettes are available for DNA size selections between 50 bp and 50kb.


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Introducing the Sage Range

This product was used in the research of these scientific papers: