NanoDrop Lite

Nanodrop Lite
Nanodrop Lite
NanoDrop Lite
ND Lite B

NanoDrop Lite

♦ Measures nucleic acid concentration at 260 nm and purity using the 260/280 nm ratio.
♦ Measures purified protein concentration at 280 nm.
♦ Employs the patented NanoDrop microvolume sampling technology.
♦ Delivers the accuracy and reproducibility expected from NanoDrop instruments.
♦ Uses built-in controls and software – no computer required.
♦ Optional printer available for creating cryogenic labels.

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Product Description

Nanodrop Lite – Best in class NanoDrop technology at a price you can’t refuse.

The NanoDrop Lite is the latest addition to the NanoDrop family to use the patented NanoDrop sample retention system. It therefore delivers the same exceptional accuracy and reproducibility as the other NanoDrop models, but in a simplified and even more compact platform.

  • Simple Analysis
  • Compact Delivery
  • Revolutionary Technology

The Lite is a stand-alone instrument with built-in controls and display, and is therefore small enough to fit on any benchspace. It is designed for busy labs that already have a NanoDrop or those that have to share with other labs. It is also ideal for labs that want the trusted NanoDrop technology and data quality, but don’t require the full performance, flexibility or spectral scan data provided by the other NanoDrop models.

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This product was used in the research of these scientific papers: